Book Creator + Google Chrome

Have you heard that Book Creator is now on Google Chrome? This is incredible news because now so many more learners will be able to create their learning through this powerful app. I have been talking about the power of book creator for some time now, but if you did not have an ipad you were out of luck!

All you need to do is visit this link and sign up for the beta testing. They plan to release the full version just in time for the 1st day of class! The app online acts very similar to the app on the ipad.

I can not tell you how much of a game changer this can be for your classroom.


Teachers you can have your learners put together a math book showcasing their understanding for all the learning during a certain unit.

You can use the comic book feature and have learners make comic books.

Check this wonderful link out to get more ideas Resources for Schools

Please reach out to me if you need ideas. I love this product and believe we should be using this to empower our learners to showcase their learning.

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