Power of the iPad

I am always asked why the ipad? Why do you like using the ipad in the classroom? My response is easy WHY NOT? You have a device that can take pictures, use several different applications to bring together into one project and it is user friendly. One of the my favorite apps to use as the house that holds everything is BOOK CREATOR. This tool continues to get better every year and now they will be releasing over the summer the ability to use this app with Chrome.

Here are some ways to use Book Creator in your Classroom: 

How to Books

Collaborative books

Non-fiction books

Photo books

App Smashing Geo Board app with Book Creator 

Research Project and use of Book Creator

Kdg Learners teaching each other about Book Creator 

Learn more here 

Book Creator Session:

Google Summit Book: Google Summit

Shapes around our school Shape Book
(This is just a sample of what you can do with younger learners. You could easily turn this learning into a lesson for older learners by having them find pictures and then explain their thinking through using the recording feature.)

Samples to download and review:

How to make your own templates Book Creator Tutorial created by Kyle Knips
(This is made with keynote, but can be used with google slides, and powerpoint. Just follow the same steps on designing slides. You will just want export the slides as pictures so you can air drop them to your iPad) 

The ones designed below were made by Kyle Knips Technology Integrationist at Freedom Elementary. 

EPIC Daily Goals

Finding Patterns

Four Square Vocab

Math Glossary


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