Parent Shadow Day

During the week of November 28th, 2016 we hosted times for our parents of the program to come in and observe their learners. It was an incredible week of having parents come in and visit with us about the different opportunities that are happening in our studios. This dialogue that we had with our parents will help us make changes that will enhance the program moving forward.

Here is a parent perspective on what they saw and think about the program:

Some great quotes from our parents after their visit.

My kiddos are absolutely loving the EPIC program!  They are so excited about their learning and about the new things they are doing.  I’m very pleased with what I’m seeing and hearing from them at home.  EPIC Parent

I’m very pleased with the language and passion for learning that my kids are coming home with. Their understanding of their own learning has been amazing and I’m pleasantly surprised at how much initiative they take with what they are working on. I’m so happy that both of them got in. EPIC Parent

My student has had a very positive experience with the EPIC classes this year. I would recommend this to anyone. Great job by the facilitators with the program. I especially appreciated the way kids help each other. I think a child has a comfort level with his peers and does not feel intimidated to ask questions to his friends that they maybe would not ask a teacher. Great job! EPIC Parent

We still have areas we need to improve on to continue moving the program forward, but we are excited to what the future holds.

We are currently setting up school visits for the spring. If your school would like to visit and see this learning in action please visit our website Schedule a Visit Today! and click on school visit tab.

Our local news did a story on our program and on how we are trying to change school. Watch it here  Keloland News Report

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