Pinball Machine Mayhem Part 1

I will be sharing about our Pinball Machine Mayhem that is happening in our Technology and Innovation class. We started with a brainstorming session on the process this week.

Blog Post Image.001We began with the Project Idea phase: This is where we explained that they would be making pinball machines. How they made them or what they used is completely up to them during this process.

Next we moved into the Prototype Design students during this phase was given a blank piece of paper about the size of the actual pinball machines that they will make. The goal here was for them to start to apply the different pieces of their pinball machines to this document. What was incredible about this whole process was before we released the students to go work we asked them what subjects do they think will be covered throughout this process. Right away hands went up and students started sharing.

Math – Area, Perimeter, Height, Length, Pythagorean Theorem to find the slope of their machine.
ELA – Research, Creating a story for their pinball machine
Social Studies – History of the pinball machine, Research on different pinball machines
Science – Volume, Friction, Gravity,
Art – Theme of their board, Creative look of their pinball machine.
Tech Ed – Lights, sensors, buzzers
Makerspace – Students talked about using little bits, robotic kits, makey makey board, along with legos and Knex’s

I was impressed with all the ideas that came from our students. This just goes to show that project-based learning engages learners in all of their core classes.

Next week our students will begin the Creating Process. They will finish the prototype and start building the real deal. After that is done the students will Test them out and if they do not work the way they anticipated or if they get other ideas to make it better they will have time to add those and make their machine better. Once they feel they have it ready to go and showcase our students will Launch their machines for other students to play and test out at HSMS.

Stay tuned to see more post on the progress of our students. They are driving their learning, and it is exciting to watch them be so engaged and excited about learning.




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